.htpasswd file generation

It is a tool to generate a password to use for authentication with basic authentication.
Please use the generated text as it is stuck in the .htpasswd file.


How to use

Please press the "Generation" button to put any of the half-width alphanumeric characters in the ID and Password.
Creates a new file called .htpasswd, please copy and paste the output text.

What is basic authentication.

Provided in the protocol "HTTP" used to browse the Web site , the most basic user authentication method.
When you try to access the restricted Web page of access , prompted for a user name and password in the Web browser,If there is a match to the users who are allowed to access the server , it is possible to browse the page.

What is .htaccess

It can be used in a Web server such as Apache, file for controlling the operation of the Web server on a per-directory basis.
In particular Declaration(instruction) for executing such as CGI or SSI, setting the MIME type to specify a file type for each extension,user authentication,such as access restrictions in the IP address or domain unit can be written.(This file name can not be changed)

What is .htpasswd.

The htpasswd is refers to the file for restricting access by utilizing together described as the .htaccess in the description method that was decided a user ID and password
(File name is anything will be fine.Usually use the .htpasswd.)

Method of access restriction using .htaccess

Create the following two files , such as in a text editor , you will need to transfer to the server of the appropriate directory in the FTP.

  1. .htaccess
  2. .htpasswd

All of the files in the following directory that is put the .htaccess is access control.
The following is an example of a .htaccess file.

  1. AuthType Basic
  2. AuthName "Input your ID and Password."
  3. AuthUserFile /home/ドメイン名/フォルダ名/.htpasswd
  4. require valid-user
Specifying the authentication method.Specifies that if the basic authentication " Basic ",the digest authentication " Digest ".
Messages that are displayed on the authentication screen.
Basically, Japanese (full-width characters) is avoided , to fill the half-width alphanumeric characters.
Specify a previously created password file.
Specify who is allowed user to access.
"valid-user"means that you want to allow all users to be included in the password file.

The following is an example of a .htpasswd.
1 user to authenticate on one line and described as follows
"user name:Encoded password"
please create to use the above tool.

  1. luft:fbetSXZTBvXSM

Once you have created a two files using FTP software to upload in specified place.
This will take the access control to the directory.

※This program is created and confirm the operation in PHP5.2.6.
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