>Randam Password generation

It is a tool that can generate(Automatic generation) your favorite password.
The number of characters from 2 to 40 characters, Quantity you can generate up to 1,000 maximum

Number of characters

How to use

It is a tool that can generate(Automatic generation) your favorite password.
You can specify kind of the characters to use for a password(Figure, English characters,Symbols), length of the number of characters,the number to be create.
If you wish have Security Strength,character,Number of characters,Quantity,please click on the "Generate" button after your input and selection.
A new password by pressing the "Generate" button will be generated,again.
※The generated password is available for download in the text file.
Please download by clicking on the "Password Data Download"button.
※Those who use a smartphone or tablet, please use the generated password directly copy.
※The number of characters up to a maximum of 40 characters,Quantity is up to 1000.

Others about"Omit the alphanumeric character which closely"

If you check the"Omit the alphanumeric character which closely"button,the following characters will not be included in the password that is generated.
I=English(Capital letter)I
l=English(Small letter)l
1=Figure's 1

O=English(Capital letter)O
o=English(Small letter)o
0=Figure's 0

About symbols character

In this tool we use the following symbols character.

※This program is created and confirm the operation in PHP5.2.6.
※If you have any inquiries, opinions, or requests that you would like to make, please fill out the following form