Global IP address checker

It is a tool that can check and examine own global IP address and host names with their global IP address(Connection host name of the provider that primarily owns)on the WEB.

Your IP address
The host name which your currently connected

What is IP address

Identification number that is assigned to computer that is connected to an IP network such as the Internet or an intranet and one by one communication equipment.
Because on the Internet should not be overlap to this number, such as the allocation of IP address management is each country of NIC (Network Information Center).

Networks such as the Internet is used Protocol(communications protocol) called IP(Internet Protocol) for communication between devices.
IP address is something like the address of the individual communication equipment and computers in the network , which is operated in this IP.
In is currently widespread " IPv4 " (Internet Protocol version 4),32-bit numbers separated into four eight bits in the IP address is used as such as " " , expless decimal number to four side-by-side from 0 to 255.

IP address is a list of mere figures Since this remains in the hard to remember for the human beings,in many cases the name (domain name or host name) is attached to a computer or network,interconversion of IP addresses is performed by the system of " DNS " (Domain Name System).Becuse of this ,in the eyes of the IP address itself when you use the Internet everyday ,consciousness to such a scene is not very many.

In the current IPv4,32 bit about 42 million units numerical value, which is the upper limit that can be identified by (the 32th power of2) it can not be connected to one network(less than this in the actual operation) , IP address to be used in the Internet is a concern that becomes insufficient.
Therefore,in place of using a large number of devices, such as enterprises,use a private address that can be used freely without limit in the organization within the network,Installation of the equipment to perform the address translation of the global address to the boundary between the Internet operation methods, such as have been widely used.

Also , IPv6 of the next generation are used in 128 bit IP address,the 128th power of 2 a simple calculation,about 340 undecillion,about 3.40×1038 pieces of the IP address is available to become,if the transition to IPv6 for the time being between IP address is said to be worried about is not insufficient.

What is global address

Uniquely assigned IP addresses to devices connected to the Internet. In case of the address in the internet,it is always necessary for communication over the Internet.IANA has to centrally manage,assigned to each organization by the NIC of the countries.

What is private address

Uniquely assigned IP addresses to devices connected to the network in the organization.Although it is possible that even without an application to the NIC freely assigned within the organization ,because the uniqueness on the Internet is not guaranteed,it is not directly possible to perform communication through the Internet.

What is host name

Name for a computer that is connected to a network to be human is easy to identify.It varies depending on the system , it is often to set the number alphanumeric characters.

Most of the commonly used is the terminal identifier of the left part of the domain name to be used the Internet, etc,and a Windows network computer name (NetBIOS name ).

Domain name of the TCP / IP network,it is managed in a hierarchical structure of the network ,the network name of each hierarchy is represented side by side,separated by ".".Among these , is a name that identifies the most to the left identifier of individual computer , which is called the host name.

Computer names used in Windows networks,when performing sharing and file connected to the LAN ,it is used to identify a computer on the network.

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